Regular Program

This program is for non-Koreans or ethnic Koreans living outside of Korea who hope to study Korean language thoroughly to move on to an undergraduate or a graduate level education in Korea. There are six levels in total and it takes about 1.5 years to complete from level 1 to 6.


1. 2016 Schedule

Term Begins Ends Application Deadline Placement Test
Spring Mar. 14 May 20 May 04 Mar. 09
Summer Jun. 13 Aug. 19 Jun. 02 Jun. 08
Fall Sep. 12 Nov. 22 Sep. 02 Sep. 07
Winter Dec. 12 Feb. 17, 2017 Dec. 02 Dec. 07

※This schedule is be subject to change.


2. Entrance Requirement

Both men and women who graduates High School or graduate to be


3. Tuition Payment

\1,300,000 / term (Exclude textbooks)


4. Curriculum

  • Levels: From 1 to 6
  • 4 terms / year (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter)
  • 10 weeks / term
  • 10-15 students / class
  • Class hours: 5 days per week (Mon ~ Fri), 4 hours per day (200 hours / term), TOPIK class on every Wednesday
  • Cultural Experience Class and Special Events : Once a term
  • Korean Buddies: SWU students who help you to study Korean and settle down in Korea
  • Free Class
    - K-pop dance: 8 times / term (Spring and Fall term only)
    - Korean Speaking Practice Class: Practice speaking in Korean with Seoul Women's University students


5. Completion of a term

  • Test 80%, Attitude 20%
  • Students who scored an average 70 points or above in four classes(Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing)
  • With a minimum of 70 points in three out of the four subjects
  • Students who have over 80% of attendance can complete a term.


6. Academic Credit

  • The students who complete Regular Course can get academic credits when they proceed to SWU University. (Maximum 6 credit)
  • Most of exchange university approve Regular Course for academic credit course. Due to the academic criterion depending on each univeristy, it is required to inquire relevant facts to own your affiliated University.